Kind Words

Clare is a beautiful, grounded, kind, wise, generous soul. She has a lot of knowledge, empathy, and love, which she uses with wonderful depth and grace to guide you on your path.                         

Clare gently helps you see yourself, and opens your heart to your own truth and purpose. I cannot recommend Clare enough. If you need some guidance and help to  change old patterns and move forward.

My life has exponentially opened and changed since having sessions with Clare

 Janine Currie , artist

I loved my coaching sessions with Clare. 

She made me feel totally comfortable opening up and sharing my challenges.  I felt heard and understood.  She listened to my needs, and developed a deep understanding of what was going on for me, offering tools and techniques and her own valuable insights, all of which helped me work through the challenges I was encountering. She went above and beyond, sending me oils and making EFT videos to help me further work through issues and raise my vibration . I felt completely held and loved/supported. I would welcome working with her again, and would highly recommend her to others.

Deb Marven, coach

Clare is a radiant light that gently guides you out of the darkness.

She shines the light on your shadows so that you can release all of the things that no longer serve you and in doing so creates the space and freedom to discover your beautiful authentic self.

I would highly recommend working with Clare if you are ready to step into your best self.

 Kellie Hansen, naturopath