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You will align with 
Wild & Brave Soul Life Coaching when you  know:

Now is the time to birth a vision that you not only  desire...that YOU truly are.


Your soul is calling.  Loudly.


I hold the space for this Wild & Brave  transformational process. 

You will gain clarity and insight that creates authentic awakening, inspired action and sacred sustainable change in this next adventure.

My individual coaching is a very deep dive into understanding where your GPS signal has led you.

This gives clarity and a vision of what you need to release and what you need to recover and rebirth within you.

Wild & Brave 1:1 session includes:
  • A comprehensive Life evaluation that includes an understanding of your Life through the lens of Human Design.
  • Your numerology from a birth year perspective as well as the year you are currently in and what that can illuminate
  • My own intuitive connection and guidance.

Following your session, you can also receive:

  • A guided meditation and a personal tapping video made especially for you to follow your holy breadcrumbs that lead to a more sacred and higher conscious living.


Valued at over $600

Your Initial Investment $290

*3-6-9-12 Wild & Brave transformation sessions packages available



My 21 day Wild & Brave course is for you:

If you’re looking for a radical  awakening which gives you:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • A massive upgrade in your energy & frequency which affects all that you attract
  • Feel daily love, gratitude, joy, expansiveness
  • An inner sanctuary of peace & harmony
  • Self-love, Forgiveness and acceptance
  • Creating Vision of yourself and your future that is not embedded in the past
  • The ability to create meaningful rituals & purposeful routines in your life that serve the divine feminine and masculine aspects of your being
  • Ways to ignite your passion by finding your deeper meaning
  • Techniques & tools to alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Strategies to eliminate negative beliefs and thoughts that do not serve you
  • Support in creating a purposeful and healthy daily routine and lifestyle
You receive:
  • A daily email with journal ​prompts
  • Tapping videos for the sacred areas of your life that you can cleanse, release and create a new vision
  • Guided Meditation to connect with your desired reality and deeply ground those feelings into the present.
  • Being part of the Wild & Brave Mid Life online Community


Valued at over $800

Your Investment $97

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