Holy Breadcrumbs led me 

home to myself



Hi, I'm Clare Rose

This is one story of my life so far.....

​I moulded myself early in life, being the chameleon to make others happy at my own expense. 

I morphed into...

The Good Girl. The Peacemaker. The Mediator. The Counsellor.

And as I became an adult  I was an expert in embodying;

The Servant. The Victim. The Good Wife. The Good Mother.

If you are Ok, then I am Ok...was my co-dependent mantra.

I was in a perpetual fawn survival response of placating and pleasing often at my own expense.

As I hit my 40's , I was getting messages and choosing not to pay attention.

And there were of course consequences.  I was giving so much I was making myself sick, Literally.

Low energy. Low libido. Chronic fatigue. Fybromyalgia and weight gain to name a few.

Until Spirit came knocking on my door. And if you don’t answer, the knock just gets louder.


Thats when on the Hero’s Journey, you enter the Wilderness.

I felt I was having the midlife crisis when actually it was my awakening to my authentic self and walking my Soul Path. 

On a dark sleepless night of the soul, the mantra, Wild & Brave came to me. I knew that this was my prayer of Hope to reclaim the divine aspects of myself and take Courageous action. I was like a tamed Wild animal reclaiming my natural state. 

I chose to let go of the stories and the burdens.

I chose to take personal responsibility and lead myself out of this wilderness.

I allowed myself to heal and be well.

I allowed myself to create a Vision.

I chose to walk my own path. Not follow someone else’s.

My vision became my Holy path. My intuition, my reclaimed Wildness, provided me with the Holy breadcrumbs that guided my way. I was Braver.

I awakened to a compassionate, spiritual, intuitive, wildly dancing, flowing woman, and totally have my own back at the same time. I felt myself transforming all that feminine elixir into inspired action and empowered responsibility.

It was a powerful concoction.

I took responsibility for my emotions, my moods, and with that came more authentic connections and everything got a lot more real, raw and awesome.

Since that night in 2016, I have done some radical shifts. I consciously uncoupled from a 20 year marriage in 2017. We have found grace in our evolved relationship as parents of a beautiful young woman and life long friends.

I have created a successful entrepreneurial business.

I have also experienced Wild and Brave travelling including two month long adventures to South Africa where I also facilitated Wild & Brave workshops. 

As I continued to live my vision of the future Now, I met my True Love on a beach walk with our dogs at sunrise there years ago. 

The vision and adventures just expands and have never felt more joyful, excited and passionate in my Life. 

I am truly loving guiding others from this space.

It is a privilege to witness the transformation and joy that emanates when you have awakened fully to living a Wild & Brave Life. All the modalities I use with my clients, I work with on a daily basis. I am an Internationally certified Holistic Life Coach, Essential Emotions Coach as well as a Human Design Certified Guide.

 I would love to have you in my community of Wild and Brave souls, sharing this ride, living the vision of our best, authentic selves.


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